During this tour, which takes about 10 days, we will cross the borderline between Brazil and Peru. The Yavari river is very beautiful, also because there live a lot of dolphins!! Some tribes we can meet there are the "Mayoruna" and the "Marubos".

Crocodile dundeeDuring this trip we will, of course, go fishing for piranha's, search for crocodiles in the night, sleep in Indian villages, make jungle-walks, search for the nocturnal life like tarantula's, sleep in a hammock with mosquito net in the middle of the jungle, etc. 

This tour is very adventures because through the length of days we can go deeper into the Amazon area and visit places where not many tourist come.

It's possible to make this tour longer in days. More days is of course more expensive but also more adventures because you go to places where normally no other tourist will come.


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