Except our 'standard' programs we also provide the possibility to you to make your own program. This can be a combination of the standard programs, but it can also be a tour completely composed by you. 

JungleWe are able to organize many different kinds of tours. This can vary from a one day tour until a tour of ……days. The length of a tour and what we are going to do depends on what you want. These 'specials' will be adapted completely to your wishes!!!!

Some examples of our 'specials':

The Shaman in traditional clothing- An 8 day combination tour. This tour exist out of 4 days on the Amazon river and 4 days "back-packing" through the jungle. Of course there are many other kinds of combinations possible.

- A visit to a Shaman. A Shaman is a kind of medicine man. He lives in a 'maloca' mostly together with several other families. One of their rituals is 'drinking the javasca'. If you are interested it is possible to experience this ritual yourself.

- Canoeing from Puerto Nariño towards Lake Tarapoto with a 'kanoa'. A kanoa is a typical local canoe made from a tree trunk. A strenuous trip but a very adventurous one.

We can also organize special trips for ornithologists, anthropologists and biologists.

We can make your tour a real 'survival' trip or a trip with more 'comfort' or even a combination of these. You'll decide the program.


In every program is included:

In every program is not included:

For further information and prices you can E- mail us.