Discover how a typical family in the jungle lives!!

The familyThe family exists of father David, mother Graciéla and their 2 sons Hector and Pedro and last but not least their “pets” (two parakeets).

Some examples of what you can do and expect during your time with the family, except of course relaxation and enjoying the environment, are:

When you decide to choose for this adventure, you just have to inform us when you will arrive. Our interference will be minimal, because we want you to experience the real jungle life. You will be living according the rules of nature!!!

The only costs of this adventure are your own food, the transport to the family and the cost for using a hammock etc.
We will help you to buy your food and other needs.
Of course you can also eat what the jungle brings you. If you like it, your days are not off. It depends on you. You can expend your stay for as long as you want.

Unfortunately, we can’t inform you about a price for staying with the family. It’s your own decision. You can pay them whatever you want depending on what the experience was worth to you. Do keep in mind that you are helping poor people who are living in the jungle.

For further information you can E- mail us.