Many tourist choose to travel from Leticia to Manaus with the "big" boat and continue from there their journey. This is the fast way and it will take you there in about 4 days. In our program we offer you the possibility to make the same trip in a relaxing way. During this 10 until 13 day "cruise" you can enjoy all the best the Amazon and his area has to offer. A real day to day program we do not deliver with this trip. THIS TRIP IS FOR THE REAL ADVENTURER AMONG US!!! On our way we will meet a lot of Cavoclos . These are the offspring from the Indian and white people like the European colonist and the rubbertappers. This trip characterize itself because of his diversity. Of course we will go off board and see a lot of diverse places like:

On our way we will frequently be surprised by the gray and pink dolphins. Jumping over the water they will give a great performance.

At night we will sleep in our hammock with mosquito net. Many times this will happen in different Indian villages, but it will also happen in the jungle.

PiranhaFishing piranha's, jungle walks, searching and caching crocodiles (and release them of course!), birds, butterflies, macaws, flowers, (indian)culture……., it's all part of this exclusive package. 

At Manaus we will of course show you the place where the Amazon river "melts" together whit the Rio Negro. This place is called "The meeting of the waters".

How will this trip look? It's all up to you……...


In every program is included:

In every program is not included:

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