Specially developed for the real adventurer.

Who doesnít dream of going for 5 (or more) days with the Indians and there hunters deep into the jungle, hunting* for wild???

Hunting for wildlife with a blowpipeThe people you go hunt with are people who live in this habitat. Therefore they know exactly what to find, where to find it and how they can catch/kill it. We offer you the opportunity to join their journey.

For this tour it is necessary that you are fit and in a good health without any medical problems. Itís a very adventurous trip where you will go deep into the jungle. You will be walking a lot through undeveloped jungle.

On every tour, only four persons are allowed to join the trip.

* Hunting in the jungle is only done to collect food for the Indians and there family AND NOT FOR FUN.

In every program is included:

In every program is not included:

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