DAY 1.

Victoria RegiaWe leave from Leticia on the Amazon river to "Monkey Island". Here its possible to see the little monkeys in their natural habitat. 

We will make a jungle walk there to learn some things about the medicinal plants and trees from the Amazon area. You can also see the largest water lily of the world: "The Victoria Regia". 

Then we continue the river upstream. Unnoticed we cross the border to the Peruvian side where it is possible to see the pink and gray dolphins!!
From there we take the Cayaru river. This is a quiet narrow tributary from the Amazon river. Because the river is smaller the chances are you will see more flora and fauna like parrots, macaws, toucans, different kinds of birds, sloth's, monkeys and many more.
At night, after dinner, we will go out and search for alligators and caiman. We sleep in an Indian house in a hammock with mosquito net.

DAY 2.

Today we continue our tour on the Amazon river. On the way we can look for a beautiful bay or beach where we can have a nice swim!
In the afternoon we will arrive in an Indian village from the "Yaqua" tribe. Here we prepare our stuff for a 3 à 4 hours walk into the jungle. 

We start this walk during darkness because at night the jungle will awake and we have a bigger chance to find for example tarantula's. Maybe we will meet on this journey some snakes or other nocturnal animals. You will also get an opportunity to drink water from a liana.
We sleep in the middle of the jungle in a hammock with mosquito net.

TarantulaDAY 3.

After breakfast in the jungle we walk back to the "Yagua" village. Because we walk back by daylight you will see the jungle in a different way. From the Indian village we continue our tour on the Amazon river to Puerto Narino. This is a small town where you eventually can buy some food and/or drinks and where you have some time to explore the surroundings.
From Puerto Narino we continue to lake Tarapoto. On our way we can go fishing piranha's, enjoy the beautiful sights and watch the playing dolphins. At the end of the day we will discover the famous and beautiful sunsets from the Amazon.
Just like day 1, we sleep and eat by an Indian family.

DAY 4.

This last day we explore lake Tarapoto and see what it has to offer us. This lake is famous for his great variety of fauna. For example a great variety of birds, dolphins and also the biggest fish of the Amazon, the "Pirarucu" lives here.
During the afternoon we will return to Leticia.


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