Let us introduce our self: AMAZONE ADVENTURE.

The "backbone" of Amazone Adventure is Luis Daniel Gonzalez Yanes. He is a Columbian and already a guide in the Amazon for 18 years. These years made for him the Amazon area as comfortable as his own "backyard".

Daniel, as he normally is named, speaks fluent Spanish, English and Portuguese. Beside this, he is also an excellent cook.

His large experience hasn't been stayed unknown. Famous travel books like "Lonely Planet" and "Footprint" are advising him as the guide you need when you want to explore the Amazon.

Luis Daniël Gonzalez Yanes
Luis DaniŽl Gonzalez Yanes

Bianca Huls
Bianca Huls

Daniel's assistant is Bianca Huls. She is a woman from the Netherlands who lost her hearth in the Amazon.

Bianca takes care of the logistics and the administration. Besides Dutch she also speaks fluent English and German.